At some point, you may need to issue a refund for a credit, cash, or comp order. Fortunately, Ludus makes this very easy to do.

To issue a refund, you'll first want to access the specific order either through Reports > Orders or via Search in your admin panel. If doing a search, you can search by name, email, seat number, or reference number.

Once you're on the specific order's page, you should see something that looks like this:

At the bottom of the order page, select the tickets you'd like to refund. Then in the options dropdown, select REFUND selected. It'll ask you to confirm and then hit Submit. A green confirmation message will appear to verify the refund successfully went through.

If you're refunding a credit order, the money will appear back in your patron's bank account within 5 - 7 business days. For cash and comp sales, the order will automatically be refunded. Just remember to keep track of your cash!

Need to see it done? Check out this tutorial!

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