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How to refund or release items
How to refund or release items
Learn how to refund or release tickets, items, and Add-Ons via your admin panel.
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At some point, you may need to issue a refund for credit, cash, or comp order. Or you may just want to release the tickets without refunding the money (such as if patrons donate their unused tickets). Fortunately, Ludus makes this very easy to do.

Here are the steps to refund or release:

  1. Look up the order using the search function (magnifying glass in the top navigation) β€” you can search by name, email, ref #, or seat. (You can also go to Reports -> Orders and click the blue open icon next to an order.)

  2. Click on the patron's order in the search results which will bring you to the order's details page (see below screenshot).

  3. Select the tickets under the Tickets section.

  4. In the "Select an option" dropdown, choose REFUND / RELEASE selected.

  5. Hit Submit and here you can choose between the Refund tab or Release tab.

If you're refunding a credit order, the money will appear back in your patron's bank account within 5 - 10 business days. For cash and comp sale refunds, the order will automatically be refunded. Just remember to keep track of your cash!

Need to see it done? Check out this tutorial!

Refund Policy

When your patrons purchase tickets, they agree to the refund policy of "Refunds and exchanges are at the discretion of [Your Program Name]. All Ludus convenience fees are non-refundable." meaning you are responsible to uphold your own refund policy (the most popular option is to not offer refunds). If you'd like to post your refund policy for patrons to see, you can do so by going to More -> Settings -> Policies in your admin panel.

All Ludus convenience fees are non-refundable.

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