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How to exchange tickets
How to exchange tickets
Easily exchange tickets in an order to a different time or to new seats for the same event
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With the exchange tool, you're able to easily exchanges tickets for new seats, event times, or events in general. In this article, we'll go through how to do this!

How to exchange tickets

1. First you'll want to locate the order itself by using the Search function or via Reports -> Orders. You can search by name, email, seat, or reference code.

2. Once you're on the order's page (it'll look similar to the screenshot below), select the tickets you'd like to exchange. If you want to exchange the entire order, then you can simply click the Select all link above the tickets which will quickly select all of them. Then in the options dropdown, choose "EXCHANGE selected tickets". Hit Submit.

3. Determine which event and event time you would like to exchange for and click Continue. If you'd like to simply move seats for the same event time, select the event time the tickets are for. If you'd like to change the ticket type without moving seats or changing event times (such as upgrading/downgrading the ticket price), click the Skip to ticket types button.

4. Next, you'll select the new seats, if this is a reserved seating event, otherwise you'll proceed to select your ticket types. Either leave them the same, or select your new ticket types and click Continue.

5. On the confirmation page, you'll see if there's a monetary difference to be owed or collected. Take the appropriate action (if necessary), and click the green button when done.

Note: If an email is associated with the order, a confirmation will be sent to the patron with a link to their updated tickets.

Need to see it done? Check out this tutorial!

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