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How can I contact Ludus?
How can I contact Ludus?
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We pride ourselves on friendly, pro-active support, so we offer a few different ways for you to contact us. Click here to see our hours.


  1. Use the chat widget found on all pages within Ludus. It's the round green button found at the bottom righthand corner of your screen.

  2. Login to your Ludus Admin panel and click the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page. Here you'll find our phone number.

  3. Email support [at]


  1. Email orders [at] Ensure you provide your name, email, and the program / event you're inquiring about so we can properly help you. Please keep in mind that we simply power ticket sales and each program has its own policies on refunds and exchanges, so it may be best to reach out to them directly.

  2. Due to the size of our team, there is not a contact number for patrons at this time.

Interested in using Ludus

  1. Write in using the chat widget found in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  2. Email hello [at]

  3. Give us a call! Ask for our number via the chat widget OR give us your number and we'll give you a call ASAP. (By not listing our number publicly, we've been able to remove all spam calls so we can answer the calls that matter.)

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