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How to add a percentage off discount or promo code
How to add a percentage off discount or promo code
Learn how to create a discount / promotional code for X% off an order.
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In this article, we'll cover how to create a percentage off discount code (such as SPRING2020) to handout to patrons.

If you'd like to create free tickets and limit their use, click here to learn how to do this!

How to create a percentage off discount code

  1. In your admin panel, click the Pricing dropdown next to the event you'd like to create a discount code for.

  2. Then click Discounts, which will bring you to your discounts screen, listing all discount codes and bulk discounts.

  3. Now click the + Add Discount button.

  4. First, name your discount. You can either enter a discount code or generate a random one.

  5. Under "Amount", select Percentage and enter the percentage off per ticket. This can be between 1 - 100%.

  6. "Tickets Limit" allows you to limit the number of tickets, and which tickets the discount will be applied to in an order.

  7. "Total availability" means limiting the total supply of this discount code. For example, if you set it to "10", the code can only be used 10 times in total. So if 10 patrons use the discount code, it'll stop working for the 11th patron.

  8. "Usage Per Patron" means limiting the number of times an individual patron can use the code. If you don't set this, a patron could use the code as many times as they'd like for multiple orders. Up to you!

  9. "Buy X, Get X" allows you to create a discount based on the # of tickets a patron buys. For example, if you set a 50% discount, enable Buy X, Get X, and set it to Every 1 tickets. The patron will get 50% off their second ticket after entering the discount code.

  10. Add discount when done!

Wanting to add a flat dollar discount instead? Here's how!

Need to see it done? Check out this tutorial!

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