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How do donations work?
How do donations work?
Learn how donations work within Ludus and how to turn them on / off.
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On top of selling tickets, you can allow your patrons to make donations when checking out or separately via the Donations tab on your ticketing portal. This is a great way to receive extra money from your most supportive patrons.

Allowing donations is totally up to you and your program. To turn Donations on or off, simply go to Fundraising > Donations.

What are the fees?

Donations are different in comparison to ticket sales. By law, we're not allowed to pass fees onto patrons when they make a donation. If a patron makes a $10 donation, then their card will be charged a flat $10.

For your program, the donation fee is simply what we're charged for credit card processing which is: 3.5% + $0.50 / transaction. For example, if a patron makes a $10 donation, you'll receive $9.15.

How do we collect donations?

Once Donations are turned on for your portal, you are able to collect donations on both the patron side and admin side.

Donations can be collected at checkout, or a separate transaction (by selecting the "Donate" tab).

The following screenshots will show you where you can choose to donate on the admin panel or the patron site.

Admin Panel:

Patron Site:

How do we receive our donations?

This depends on how you choose to receive ticket sales proceeds. 

If you're receiving direct deposits, then donations will simply be donated to your bank account on the schedule you set along with your ticket sales.

If you're receiving paper checks at the end of your events, we send a separate donations check to you at the beginning of every month for the previous month's donations.

Check out this video if you want to see donations in action:

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