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How to reserve/hold seats
How to reserve/hold seats
Learn how you can block off seats to the public
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Sometimes you may need to reserve / hold / block off seats for specific people or groups without selling them as tickets right away. That's where the Reservations tool comes into play.

This tool allows you to select, reserve, and add names to seats for your own "Reservations List". Then if you decide to sell these seats, you can easily do so via the same purchase process as with all other tickets (meaning there's no need to have to go back and un-reserve seats).

Here's how to do it:

1. Click the Options button next to the event time you'd like to reserve seats for and then select Reservations in the dropdown.

2. Select the seats you'd like to reserve / hold and then click the Reserve Seats button.

3. If you'd like, you can add names of the people or group you're holding the seats for after you click the Reserve Seats button.

4. Now you'll see the seats have a black box around them on your seating chart. To the public (on the patron side of your ticketing portal), they'll simply see them as grey "Unavailable" seats.

5. When you're ready to sell the seats, you can simply use the New Order button next to the event time, Box Office View, or go into the Reservations List -> select your desired tickets -> and click Add to Cart.

Need to see it done? Check out this tutorial!

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