We understand that not every box office has access to the internet. Fortunately, we have options that allow you to manage and sell tickets offline found primarily under Options -> Printables next to a showtime! Below are a few things you can do:

The patron sheet is a printable sheet of your patrons, their ticket types and how much they spent. You're able to generate a patron sheet for each individual showtime.

To do this, click the Options button next to your showtime and select Printables in the dropdown. Then select the Access button under "Patron ticket sheet".

Note that for the mobile scanning app, as long as you have cellular data on the device scanning tickets, the app will work and can verify tickets without being connected to WiFi. Of course, this always depends on if your lobby/auditorium has good cell reception.

When selling tickets in person, you may want to have blank tickets with your show and showtime on them. You can use blank tickets to write in seat names when selling tickets in person.

To do this, simply go to your Printables page. Then select the Access button under "Blank tickets".

Print unsold seats

If your show is reserved seating, you can pre-print tickets with the seat names of all unsold seats using the Unsold Seats feature on the Printables page.

To print your seating chart (which will show available and unavailable seats), click the Options button next to your showtime and select Print chart in the dropdown. Once your chart loads, click the Print icon to the right of your chart. This will bring up your browser's print dialogue. If the seat background colors don't show, be sure to enable "Background colors" on your printing options.

Planning on collecting cash? Here's how to do it:

In this situation, since you can't access the Ludus admin panel for selling tickets, you can collect cash in person and use your blank tickets to sell tickets at the door.

If you'd like to keep everything accounted for within your Ludus admin panel, you can go in after the fact and do one large cash sale using the New Order button.

Need to see it done? Check out this tutorial!

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