The Students feature allows you to track sales associated with specific students, giving them a certain amount of credit from the sale, based on admin settings. 

Turning on Students within your admin panel

For students to create their own student code, begin by ensuring this feature is turned on within your Ludus Admin Panel.

Log into your Ludus Admin Panel -> select the More dropdown in your top navigation -> Settings -> scroll down to the "Students" option -> select Yes -> and be sure to Save your settings.

Student sales code set up

1. A student creating their own sales code should begin by visiting the patron side of your ticketing portal.

2. Here they'll want to click Go to students.

3. Next they'll fill out the registration form with their information.

4. A success message will appear on the screen, along with their student sales code. This code can be given to family, friends, etc. to use when purchasing tickets, entered at checkout.

(Note: Alternatively, you can create each individual student code yourself under More -> Students in your admin panel.)

How to find a forgotten student sales code

We've made it easy to access all things related to student codes by keeping everything in one place!

To find a forgotten student sales code: go to your program's Ludus ticketing portal -> click Go to students (inside the "Students" box) -> enter the corresponding email under "Retrieve existing student sales code" -> and click Retrieve code

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