Times may occur when you need to sell tickets to specific patrons, without fully opening ticket sales to the public. Thankfully there are a couple of ways this can be done!

Sell tickets via the Ludus admin panel

Even if a show or showtime is turned off, you're still able to complete sales through your Ludus admin panel.

To sell tickets to a turned off show or showtime:

  1. Click the Options dropdown next to your show or showtime and select Turn Off.

  2. Then, simply click the New Order button beside the desired showtime, and follow the check out process. 

Note: when you are ready for full ticket sales to go live, be sure to turn your show & showtimes back on.

Passcode protect your show using Access Codes

Setting up an Access Code allows patrons only with the code to unlock your show and purchase tickets.

Click here to learn how to setup Access Codes

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