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How does the Passes feature work?
How does the Passes feature work?
Learn more about the Passes feature, including Flex, Season and Memberships.
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The Passes feature allows you to offer special packages to patrons such as flex or season passes. Passes are fully customizable by you to best fit your needs!

Passes work 2 ways: patrons can either receive a special passholder code to apply throughout the season or patrons can pre-select their tickets for the season as they purchase their pass.

How do I add a pass?

1. In your Ludus admin panel, select the More dropdown and choose Passes.

2. Click Create Pass.

3. Name: Enter the name of your pass.

4. Pricing: Determine how you would like pricing for your pass to work.

  • Flat Price: patrons pay a flat price for the pass

  • Discount Percentage: patrons pay a discounted price per ticket in the pass

5. Description: Enter your customized description, which is displayed when patrons are choosing their pass.

6. Events: Distinguish which event are available for reservation in this pass (must include at least one event, and up to all of them).

7. Event Times: Select which event times are available for reservation in this pass.

8. Process: Determine the process, or how your patrons can use this pass. Patrons can either:

  • Receive a passholder code to use throughout season (patrons will receive instructions on how to do use the code which is applied at checkout when buying tickets)

  • Pre-select tickets for the season while purchasing the pass (works best when you already have your full season entered into Ludus)

9. Rules: if pre-select is chosen for this pass, you can set specific rules on how patrons select their tickets.

10. Perks: manage perks given to pass holders when they sign in using their pass.

11. Limits: when patrons are selecting events, event times, and seats, limit them to a specific number of tickets.

12. Available Dates: Choose available dates for this pass to be purchased by setting start & end dates. This is when patrons can purchase passes online themselves.

13. Color: Finally, select a color for your pass which will appear on the selection page and in reports.

How admins sell passes

1. In your Ludus admin panel, select the More dropdown and choose Passes.

2. Click Sell button next to the desired pass

3. And follow the checkout process as usual!

How patrons purchase passes

Patrons are able to purchase passes through the Passes tab on your ticketing portal.

Classic same seat season passes

If you are looking to have a season pass where patrons get the same seats to the same matching nights for your entire season, this is something we can help set up for you as it requires some more advanced work and testing.

It is required you have your entire season setup beforehand for classic same seat season passes.

When do we receive the proceeds from Pass sales?

If you receive paper checks from Ludus, we will send a check for all Pass revenue on the 1st of every month. If you receive direct deposits from Ludus, then you'll immediately receive the funds just like with ticket sales.

View our pricing table for pricing info on Passes.

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