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What is Refund Protection?
What is Refund Protection?
Learn how your patrons can protect their purchases and the benefit to your program.
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Through our Refund Protection feature, you can give your patrons the choice to protect their purchase and request a refund due to a number of reasons. This means your program / organization will keep 100% of the refunded ticket money and your patrons will receive their full money back including fees (a win-win). Some of the reasons include:

  • Sickness, Accident, Injury

  • Government Travel Ban

  • Private vehicle failure

  • Jury Duty

  • Home emergency

  • Immediate relative sickness

  • Pre-existing medical conditions

Does not cover:

  • Event cancellations or postponements; refunds would be fulfilled directly by your organization

  • Schedule conflicts

  • No longer wanting to attend

  • Travel restriction associated with Covid-19 or fear of traveling

How it works for your patrons

If a patron opts to upgrade to a refundable purchase at checkout, their order will be protected. If this patron requires a refund due to one of the protected reasons, they simply have to follow the instructions in their confirmation email. Our partners at Refund Protect will review their case and issue a refund for the full value of the tickets + fees.

How it works for your program / organization

If one of your patrons opts to upgrade to a refundable purchase at checkout and then requests a refund due to one of the protected reasons, you'll keep 100% of the money they are refunded.

For example, if Bruce Wayne buys $100 worth of tickets (including fees) and then has a home emergency covered by Refund Protection, he can request a full refund. A refund will be issued back to the card he paid with and your program / organization will keep the $100.

Refund Protection does not cover full event cancellations. In the event of a full cancellation, we will refund all money back to patrons which will be deducted from your proceeds.

How to enable Refund Protection

When adding a event in Ludus, select Yes for Refund Protection on the initial setup page.

To enable Refund Protection for an existing event, click the Options button next to your event and select Settings in the dropdown.

What is the fee for Refund Protection?

If your patrons choose to upgrade to Refund Protection on their order, it will cost an additional 8% of their total order. For example, if their order comes out to $10, they would pay an additional $0.80 ($10.80 total).

Does Refund Protection cover cancelled events?

No โ€” Refund Protection only covers patrons for individual reasons they cannot attend. They are able to submit a refund claim through the form. If you cancel a event/performance and would like to refund patrons, the money would come from your event's proceeds.

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