Ludus Pricing Table
See a breakdown of ticket fees, donation fees, micro fees, and more.
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Ludus is 100% free to your program when you pass fees onto patrons. There are no setup fees, hidden costs, annual costs, fees to send your funds, minimums, etc.

Here is a breakdown of our fees:




5% + $0.75/ticket


5% + $0.75/item


5% + $0.75/Add-On


5% + $0.75/Pass


3.5% + $0.50/donation (absorbed)

Micro Fees (for items $3 or less — overrides regular fees)

$0.50/item (tickets, Collections, Add-Ons, Passes, and donations)

Cash Sales


Comp & $0 Tickets



+$0.05 to Ludus fee

Embed Widget

+$0.05 to Ludus fee


+$0.05 to Ludus fee

Funds Payout (paper check or direct deposit)


Stop Checks or Check Re-Issues


Customer Support


Seating Chart Changes





All hardware is optional and is not required to use Ludus. See "Hardware" below for a list of items Ludus sells if needed.

Micro Fees Explained

You may have not seen Micro Fees with other services before — this is our answer to lower priced items such as children tickets, order add-ons like candy grams or roses, and small donations usually made when a patron is rounding up their order at checkout.

Example: Tyler buys a $3 child ticket. He pays $3.50 total. Instead of the higher ticket fee rate of 5% + $0.75, the fee is $0.50 flat.

Categories Explained

  • Tickets — any event ticket whether reserved seating or general admission.

  • Collections — our feature allowing you to collect payments for things beyond tickets like member dues, trips, class registrations, and more.

  • Add-Ons — additional items that can be sold alongside tickets like merchandise.

  • Donations — earn additional income from your patrons at checkout or via the "Donate" tab on your ticketing website. In order to be compliant with card processing requirements, donation fees are absorbed and not passed on.

  • Passes — offer special packages to patrons such as flex or season passes.

  • Cash Sales — for in-person sales via your admin box office tools.

  • Comp and $0 Tickets — for in-person sales via your admin box office tools or if tickets cost $0.

  • Marketing — unlock unlimited email Campaigns and Audiences for an additional $0.05 to your Ludus base fee (passed on to patrons or absorbed by you).

  • Embed Widget — embed a Ludus selling widget into your own website for an additional $0.05 to your Ludus base fee (passed on to patrons or absorbed by you).

  • Funds Payout — receive your proceeds via paper check at the end of your event OR via direct deposit daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Stop Checks or Check Re-Issues — if we send you a check and it gets lost in the mail, we'll simply send a new one at no charge.

  • Customer Support — our friendly, pro-active support is always available to you and your staff at no extra charge.

  • Seating Chart Changes — never pay for changes to your seating chart.

  • Chargebacks — when patrons don't recognize a charge or accidentally charge back their order, we handle and provide proof to their bank to fight the chargeback. There is no extra fee or work on your end.

Hardware (Optional)

If you are looking to purchase hardware from Ludus, below is what we currently sell directly. All hardware is optional when using Ludus and is not required to operate online or in-person sales.



Payment Terminal — in-person payment machine for tap-to-pay, chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay


Payment Terminal Ethernet Dock — if needing to hardwire Payment Terminal in


USB Card Swiper — swipe credit cards, plugs in via USB port


Boca Thermal Ticket Stock

$25/bundle of 1,000 tickets

DYMO Thermal Ticket Stock

$25/bundle of 500 tickets

Ticket Scanners

Ludus does not sell ticket scanners directly. You can either use the FREE Ludus Access Control app for iOS and Android, or purchase physical scanners based on our recommendations below:

  • For other scanners, Amazon sells quite a few. You'll want to ensure the scanner is bluetooth enabled (since it needs to work with the app still downloaded on a mobile device), can read QR codes, and is camera-based so it can scan codes on digital screens. If the scanner has USB capabilities, you can also use our web-based scanning tool, but will need a web browser open with the scanning tool pulled up.

Thermal Printers

For thermal printing, a Boca can be purchased directly from Boca at You can ask for the Ludus discount which is ~20% off.

Depending on your budget, we recommend the Boca Lemur-S for a full ticket printer. Boca has rolled out some lower priced models you can explore with their sales team which may be a good fit as well. We can support any Boca model.

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