Ludus is 100% free to your program when you pass fees onto patrons. There are no setup fees, hidden costs, annual costs, fees to send your funds, etc.

Here is a breakdown of our fees:




5% + $0.75/ticket


5% + $0.75/item


5% + $0.75/Add-On


5% + $0.75/Pass


3.5% + $0.50/donation

Micro Fees (for items $3 or less — overrides regular fees)

$0.50/item (tickets, Collections, Add-Ons, Passes, and donations)

Cash Sales


Comp & $0 Tickets



$99/year OR +$0.05/ticket (your choice)

Funds Payout (paper check or direct deposit)


Stop Checks or Check Re-Issues


Customer Support


Seating Chart Changes


Micro Fees Explained

You may have not seen Micro Fees with other services before — this is our answer to lower priced items such as children tickets, order add-ons like candy grams or roses, and small donations usually made when a patron is rounding up their order at checkout.

Example: Tyler buys a $3 child ticket. He pays $3.50 total. Instead of the higher ticket fee rate of 5% + $0.75, the fee is $0.50 flat.

Categories Explained

  • Tickets — any show ticket whether reserved seating or general admission.

  • Collections — our feature allowing you to collect payments for things beyond tickets like member dues, trips, class registrations, and more.

  • Add-Ons — additional items that can be sold alongside tickets like merchandise.

  • Donations — earn additional income from your patrons at checkout or via the "Donate" tab on your ticketing website.

  • Passes — offer special packages to patrons such as flex or season passes.

  • Cash Sales — for in-person sales via your admin box office tools.

  • Comp and $0 Tickets — for in-person sales via your admin box office tools or if tickets cost $0.

  • Marketing — unlock unlimited email Campaigns and Audiences for $99/year or add an additional $0.05 to your ticket fees (passed on to patrons or absorbed by you).

  • Funds Payout — receive your proceeds via paper check at the end of your show OR via direct deposit daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Stop Checks or Check Re-Issues — if we send you a check and it gets lost in the mail, we'll simply send a new one at no charge.

  • Customer Support — our friendly, pro-active support is always available to you and your staff at no extra charge.

  • Seating Chart Changes — never pay for changes to your seating chart.

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